Monday, 23 December 2013

Introduction to parallel and concurrent programming in C#

It has been awhile since my last post but that's over now. So without boring you with what/what not kept me away from contributing to the community (if you're curious its just pure laziness). I will like to dive into the topic of today's discussion.

In trying to understand parallel programming, I will like us to look at it from a different angle so that we can have albeit a mental picture of what its all about. Just like every other system out there, Computer system is composed of sub-systems that work together and at the same time in other to achieve a specified objective. Take a living system for an example a cat (yeah I know its lame) but for it to be able to move, most of the parts that comprises it has to function and work together at the same time for it to achieve its basic objective.

But a computer though a great system was designed to execute our good old code sequentially.But because processes are not always sequential in nature but just like systems comprises of other systems/sub-systems that has to work together and owning to the time wasted, subtler ways of making the computer appear to be running in parallel was discovered and the rest is history as they say.

In a series of  future posts I will try to share my laymans' view of how to make your c# code run in parallel. I will start with the good old threads then I will move on to task and then to parallel and asynchronous programming. By the time I finished this series, I hope to have learnt how to write thread-safe asynchronous code and to have imparted this knowledge to you. Happy coding.

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