Monday, 12 May 2014

It had been a while.

I want to start off by saying that the above title is an understatement because for some time now I have not written anything in this my blog. This was mainly due to laziness and my tendency of combining too many things at once. For some of those times, I didn't even know what to write or how to go about writing it, which I guessed was because of the promise I made in the  my last post about taking my readers from being a novice angularjs programmers to being a ninja in angularjs. But if truth be told, am still pretty much a novice in everything that has to do with angularjs. But maybe perhaps one day I will make good of my promise. Who knows.

Starting off, this post is just my way of apologizing and a form of come back for me. But this time NO MORE PROMISES (at least for now). On the other hand, I will endeavour to post content from time to time, this content will range from the technical through motivational to life and my experiences of it. So feel free to read anything  that worths your time and to skip those ones that is not so good for you, for "life is short" my friend  -try not to spend it on things that will not add to meaning to your existence. Take care.

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